Your Confidence is my MISSION !!

Helping women entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs

so they can express themselves confidently in the digital world.


Be Bindaas Inside Out !!

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If you raised your hand to any of these, you would find “Bindaas Divas Formula” of great value, as it will give you a step-by-step process to work on your inner confidence so that you can speak with authority, get financial freedom and design the dream life you always wanted.

We are with YOU!!

PROBLEM : Women are brilliant but they are afraid to express themselves


To help business owners reach their potential market quicker with excellent video creation and marketing strategies. 


To enable people to SHOW UP  worldwide.


  • Belief is one’s foundation
  • Aesthetics make one unique
  • Ethics gives it wings

We are here to help you EXPRESS yourself through videos confidently!

Content Strategy

Learn to strategise your content for better engagement and visibility. Are you ready to decode your game plan for success?

Camera Confidence Techniques

Boost your camera confidence to offer your help to the world!

Video Making Skills

Master the techniques of video making to gain more traction and stand out from others.

Higher Views & Reach

Level up to strategise your videos in a way it reaches your target audience.

Video Marketing Strategies

Your job doesn’t end up with shooting videos. Learn how to market your videos like a pro!

Youtube Strategies

Is YouTube your battleground for making excellent videos? Learn the techniques and tips that have actually skyrocketed my numbers on YouTube!


Finding the courage to speak up for yourself ,
If you don’t, no one will !


Breaking boundaries built over the years
and sharing one’s thoughts fearlessly.


Learning how to function with purity, simplicity and certainty.






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What’s up at video excellence lab?

What's Up At Bindaas Divas?

Being a woman, we juggle our time, career and our happiness in order to do the best for our families.

And in this process, sometimes we lose our true self. We often put ourselves last. And that's the beginning of we losing our confidence despite being so talented and experienced. But it doesn't need to be the same way now.

Presenting to you Bindaas Divas - A way for you to fast-track your confidence in the digital world & growth so you can build yourself rapidly, make more money and provide even more for your family?

Glory comes with taking one step at a time.

It's up to you to decide -One day or Day one. Want to be BINDAAS Inside Out?


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